Luxembourg Open Air

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A new musical experience in the heart of Luxembourg.

LOA Festival
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What LOA 2019 attendees loved


Families were able to enjoy the festival with their kids who had great fun.


Great music & beautiful sunset vibes made LOA 2019 one of the most memorable events in 2019.

Free & Secure

Free entrance for everyone & no security issues or other incidents at or around the festival premises.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be another LOA edition?

Do you want another LOA edition?

Have there been any security incidents?

Fortunately, there were no security issues thanks to very social attendees & a great security crew.

How many attendees were at LOA 2019?

There were approximately 7,000 attendees at LOA 2019.

Where can I contact the organisers?

The organisers can be contacted via the official @LuxembourgOpenAir facebook, instagram or linkedin pages.

Luxembourg Open Air

A new musical experience in the heart of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg